Another year is almost in the books and the New Year is right around the corner. From the team here at The Law Office Of Kenneth M. Hallum, we’d like to take the time to wish you the happiest of holidays and a very safe New Year.

As the holidays quickly approach, we know that one of the best parts of the season is all of the parties that you’ll go to. Your employer, friends, and family are all likely going to have holiday events that they hope you will attend. With all of these social gatherings, there is likely going to be a lot of food and drinks.

While it’s okay to relax during the holidays, it’s important that you do not drive if you have been drinking during a holiday part. Even if you’ve just had a drink or two, you are putting yourself and others at risk if you get behind the wheel of a car.

In the event that you are pulled over, you’ll need a DUI lawyer to help you with your case. In order to get the proper representation that you need, you’ll want to rely on the service of the top DUI lawyers. They will be more familiar with DUI laws and rules, which could mean a substantial difference in your final ruling.

In order to ensure your safety this holiday season, here are 4 tips for staying safe if you’ve been drinking at a party.

SANTA BARBARA DUI TIP #1: Have A Designated Driver

One of the easiest ways that you can avoid getting behind the wheel this holiday season is having a designated driver. When multiple people go to one destination, it’s best to select one person to be the designated driver. You can then trust in this person to ensure that you get home safely after the party.

Be sure that you rely on a designated driver that you trust not to drink. If they decide to drink, then everyone in the car may need to find a Santa Barbara DUI lawyer for help. These cases can be tricky, and not something that you want to do on your own. In order to avoid the need for local DUI lawyers, make sure that the person you designate to drive will stick to their promise and not drink alcohol at the party.

SANTA BARBARA DUI TIP #2:  Give Your Keys To A Friend

If you have your keys in your pocket, it’s much easier to simply make your way to your car and try to get home. However, if you don’t have your keys to Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer Kenneth M Hallum 4 150x150 How To Avoid A Santa Barbara DUIbegin with, it’ll be much harder for you to get in your vehicle and drive off. Therefore, give your keys to someone that you trust if you have been, or plan on, drinking. Ideally, the other person will not give you your keys back if they see that you are intoxicated. If they do, then they may need to consult with DUI lawyers to state why they let an intoxicated person drive. When the temptation to drive is just too much this holiday season, give your keys to someone you trust. This will help you avoid the urge to get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.  Consider the services of long timeSanta Barbara transportation gurus at


There is a lot of technology that is at your side to ensure that you get home safe this holiday season. With apps that you can download for your phone, you can find driving services that will come and pick you up to take you home. In many cases, these driving services are very affordable, and the drivers are known for being hospitable.


No matter how much warning people have, there are still those that choose to drive after they have been drinking. Mistakes happen, but it’s important to ensure that the mistakes don’t turn into bigger problems. If you have been pulled over for a DUI, then make sure that you have help to protect you. You can rely on a lawyer to help you with a DUI plea bargain or other settlement. In addition, they also know more about the legalities of DUIs, such as how police can administer a sobriety test. This may be the help that you need when defending your case.

If you have been charged with a DUI, know that you have options. Do your best to stay safe this holiday season, but also know to get help if you need it.

Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer Kenneth M Hallum 172x300 How To Avoid A Santa Barbara DUIQ & A Hot Sheet

Q: How much will a DUI cost over time?

A: It’s estimated that a DUI will cost roughly $10,000. Not only will you have to pay for court and lawyer fees, but there are also classes and other requirements that could be imposed upon you. In addition, you’ll likely miss work and have to pay money for a cab in order to get anywhere that you need to go. A DUI can add up quickly, which is why they are good to avoid altogether. In addition, a DUI lawyer can help you save money with the experience that they have.

Q: Can’t I rely on police to be forgiving this holiday season?

A: It’s no question that there are holiday parties all around the country, and many people will decide to drive home after they’ve been drinking. Because of this, cops are much more likely to give you a ticket and charge you with a DUI. Police have the responsibility of keeping the streets safe, which is why you cannot expect them to be lenient. Instead, keep everyone safe and stay off the roads if you’ve been drinking.

Local Events In Santa Barbara

The holidays are a great time of year to spend with your family and loved ones. Here are some great Santa Barbara events that are worth checking out.

Tasty Cupcake and Wine Tour – Get your fill of both sweets and wine at the Tasty Cupcake and Wine Tour. This great event is on December 20th this month, and it’s from 10am – 4:30pm. Find new wines and enjoy filling your belly with tasty treats.

Cachuma Lake Wildlife Cruise – On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during December, check out the Cachuma Lake Wildlife Cruise. It takes place at the Cachuma Lake Recreation area, and it’s great for families.

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The Story Solution Hits 2000 LIKES on Facebook

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 15, 2014, Los Angeles, CA: Anyone who is interested in writing a movie script knows what it is like to struggle. They look for ideas, insights and inspiration everywhere, especially online. Based on its recent achievement of receiving over 2000 “likes,” one favorite information source is the Facebook page for screenwriting author Eric Edson’s book, The Story Solution: 23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Take.

Eric Edson utilizes social media channels to educate and encourage aspiring screenplay writers. He sees the Facebook page as a natural extension of his teaching inclinations. To connect and engage site visitors, Edson includes a “Log Line Challenge” each month to pull out story ideas. Regular polls are used to help initiate discussion among members about the book-to-movie writing process. He also seeks to build a screenwriting community by asking participants to share stories of achievement in order to help motivate others to break through their barriers.

“Of course I am thrilled that my Facebook page has achieved this milestone,” commented Edson. “But I am even prouder of the online community we are building to help those who want to learn more about writing a screenplay. I think it is great to be a storyteller, and want to do whatever I can to present actionable career advice and provide meaningful assistance for those who share my passion for creating exciting characters and believable story lines.”

Edson has written seventeen feature screenplays for companies such as Sony, Warner Brothers, Disney, 20th Fox, ABC Motion Pictures, Lifetime, Showtime, NBC, and TNT. He is a Professor of Screenwriting and Director of the Graduate MFA Program in Screenwriting at California State University, Northridge, lectures through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, and was a featured speaker at Story Expo 2014. If you are seeking advice on writing a screenplay or looking for screenwriting tips, The Story Solution is one of the best books on screenwriting to consider for your library.

About The Story Solution: Eric Edson’s The Story Solution is an in-depth handbook for those who are interested in scriptwriting. It reveals the 23 actions used to create dynamic, three dimensional heroes as a screenplay writer. Visit the website at to download a sample chapter of the book about screenplay writing“Like” the Facebook page to receive insider insights on writing screenplays.

Eric Edson's The Story Solution

Boost Your Holiday Traffic With These 4 Online Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Holiday Strategy

We are getting ready to turn the page on the calendar and it’s hard to believe that we are in our final month of 2014. It’s been a great year for us here at Search Engine Pros, and we hope that your year was equally as rewarding. As we take the time to prepare for 2015, we’d like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season and a safe New Year.

Now might be a good time for you to look back at 2014 and think about whether or not you were getting the type of online traffic that you had hoped for your business. If you didn’t get the type of traction that you had wanted, then you may realize that you failed to reach your expected earnings as you tally up revenues in the fourth quarter of the year. Luckily, a new year is just ahead, and you can start fresh with an improved marketing plan that will make 2015 an incredibly rewarding year.

holiday marketing tips

With the help of web marketing, you can take your business to brand new levels of exposure. Before online search marketing, it was much more difficult for small businesses to compete with large companies. However, there are now a variety of tools that an online marketing team can implement to increase the presence of your brand.

Strategy Development Goal Marketing Vision Planning Business Con

If you are looking for a boost in holiday traffic that will carry over into the new year, here are 4 tips to consider.

1. Spruce Up Your Website

Many companies realize that they have to have a website if they want to get recognized online. But not all of those companies realize that a standard website isn’t going to be enough in today’s responsive world. Instead, it might be time to revamp your approach by stripping down your website and building it to maximize search engine optimization results.

2. Get Help When You Need It

With a marketing group that is familiar in SEO, you can have a customized online presence that is tailored to your every request. With the advice of these marketing experts, you’ll get some of the top web design ideas that will interest your audience and keep them on your page. In addition, these web marketing methods will help with your online search engine rankings by accommodating to required expectations. If any part of your online presence is outdated, you may be hurting your SEO wherewithal. This is why it’s important that you make a beneficial change that will quickly boost your presence and maximize your online efforts.

3. Re-Target Your Marketing Approach

Along with other methods of online marketing, you’ll also want to evaluate your marketing plan to see how well it is targeting your audience. In many cases, we’ve worked with business that have a viable approach in place. However, once we dig a bit deeper, we realize that their SEO marketing plan is limited and they aren’t getting the sort of exposure that they desire.  To make the shift, your new approach should include an emphasis on social media marketing. The way that customers interact with companies is drastically changing on a day-to-day basis. This is why you need a marketing agency thatcan help you keep up with these changes on social media and other online avenues.

4. Track Your Results

No matter what sort of marketing service you implement, it won’t matter if you don’t know how it’s working. This is why it’s vital that you track your results and use analytics to formulate any changes that are necessary. If you are unfamiliar with tracking analytics, your marketing agency can assist you.  The more that you track your results as to what is working for your online approach, the better of an idea you will have into what works. You can then use this information as you move forward and tailor your online marketing toward your target audience.


Santa Barbara Web Marketing Questions

Q: Is it too late to jump start my online marketing for the holiday season?PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Adwords

A:  Traffic from Google Adwords can be sent to your web site in less than an hour.

Q: How does online marketing compare to other forms of advertising?

A: Online marketing has changed the way that people connect with businesses. Instead of sending out mail flyers or other physical services, online marketing lets businesses communicate with their clients instantaneously. In doing so, your business will be able to bring in new clients and build your reputation as a reliable brand that people can trust in.

Web Marketing Events

Here are some fantastic events to attend that will be sure to grow your company by leaps and bounds.

Social Media Strategies Summit: Las Vegas 2015 – Anyone who is anyone will want to make sure that they visit the Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas. This year, the event will be from February 10 – 12. You can learn more about how to market your brand online at this great conference.

Social Media Marketing World – There will be over 2,500 people in attendance at the Social Media Marketing World from March 25-27. The event is held in San Diego, so be sure to get your ticket early to be part of one of the biggest social media events around the nation.

Taylor Reaume and his team at Search Engine Pros aim to help businesses of all sizes get the type of recognition that they are after. Taylor has over 15 years and 600 websites under his belt, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the best advice for your online marketing approach. Feel free to contact Taylor at 805-453-9674, or follow him on Twitter @SantaBarbaraSEO. You can also learn more at
2015 Christmas Colorful Background

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