Working as a Sales Professional in NYC Has Changed

Make no mistake, there is a big difference between selling and working at a large, well-known company as opposed to a smaller organization.

This has especially changed with the pickup in the economy and the need for sales representatives from companies of all sizes.

Though, each has it’s benefits and downfalls including, but not limited to:

Benefits of Selling for a Smaller Company

– Direct access to senior management, thus able to learn more

– More duties, thus being able to get a good grasp of the business

– Smaller, more cohesive teams which usually translates into an effective learning environment.

Downfalls of Working as a Salesman for a Small Company

– No marketing budget.

– Product may not be as good. Not as much support either.

– Hard to compete on pricing and difficult to convince the potential customer that you can deliver what you say you can.



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