Write from the heart this Valentine’s Day with The Story Solution


Happy Valentine’s Day - May Your Adventures on February 14th Be Romantic!

Dear Friends,

Use Valentine’s Day to Inspire Your Hero’s Actions

Valentine’s Day is so full of love and thoughtfulness that you can hardly turn around without hearing about some grand heroic act someone has committed for a loved one. Today’s media-genic heroes are saving lives, donating organs, stopping people from committing suicide, and rescuing babies from burning buildings. On the other end of the heroic scale are those who go about their daily business, performing jobs that save lives and transform the future.

With all this inspiration, you might think it would be easy to translate everyday heroic actions into big screen success. Too many hopeful screenwriters have found that creating a realistic on-screen hero is harder than it appears. As an accomplished screenwriter, I decided to write a book which would help new screenwriters make the leap from reality to fiction. My book, The Story Solution23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Take, provides many insights aspiring screenwriters can use to hone their craft. I’ve provided the tools necessary for any writer to construct a forceful emotional ride in his or her storytelling.

My book reveals the 23 actions used in every successful movie to create dynamic, three dimensional heroes while linking together all parts of a captivating screenplay from first page to last. My paradigm of Hero Goal Sequences is so simple and easy to understand that it has raised my book into Amazon’s top list of the best-selling books on screenwriting.

A Hero Goal Sequence generally consists of 2 to 8 pages of screenplay (2 to 8 minutes of film) in which the hero pursues a single physical, visible, short-term goal as one immediate step in achieving the main overall story objective driving the plot. EVERY commercially successful one-hero American movie contains between 20 and 23 Hero Goal Sequences. The Goal Sequence ends when the hero discovers FRESH NEWS, which is some form of new information that effectively ends the necessity to pursue the current goal and creates a new physical, visible, short-term goal – thereby beginning the next Hero Goal Sequence. FRESH NEWS either provides the hero’s next short-term goal, or sends the hero on a short search to find it.

To help you understand more about creating heroic characters, I’m inviting you to download my Hero Goal Sequence Breakdown for “Back To The Future” as my Valentine’s gift to you. Written by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale, Back To The Future is the perfect example of powerful story development. You’ll learn how the Hero Goal Sequences paradigm predicts the structure of great movies.

Happy Valentine’s Day – May Your Adventures on February 14th Be Romantic!


Eric Edson 

About The Story Solution:  The Story Solution was written by accomplished screenwriter Eric Edson. It reveals the 23 actions used to create dynamic, three dimensional heroes and link all parts of a captivating screenplay. He also covers screenwriting tipsscreenwriting resources, and screenwriting booksVisit the website and Facebook page or call (818) 677-6608 for more information. 


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